iOS - AirAttack 2

* Stability issues

- Restart your iPhone/iPad
  (hold down power button for 5 seconds...)

- Reinstall AirAttack 2 again from the App Store

  if you were logged into GameCenter/Facebook, your game state will be
  restored after you get online (GameCenter) or Log-in (Facebook)

* Mission #10, #16 objective "Destroy All Enemies":

Destroy flying UFO with some super weapon / Tail Gunner,
so it is destroyed very soon, then some more planes will spawn there
and then you can complete the objective.


Mac - AirAttack 1, AirAttack 2

* Xbox 360 gamepad driver for Mac

Download Xbox 360 gamepad driver for Mac

* Resolution / Input settings dialog

Hold down Option key while starting AirAttack
and the settings dialog will appear again

iPad - AirAttack HD - iCade support


Android - AirAttack HD

* Message "Installing app unsuccessful - unknown error -18"


Solution A:
Hook up phone with computer, browse to .android_secure on SD card
and delete the file smdl2tmp1.asec

Solution B:
1. Unmount SD card (in Settings => Storage => ...)
2. Install AirAttack HD
3. Mount SD Card (in Settings => Storage
=> ...)

* AirAttack HD does not start after installation / update

Restart phone.

* AirAttack HD icon disappear after update

Restart phone.

* AirAttack HD does not download from Android Market

Some devices have download cache limit
less than Android Market official 50 MB:
Samsung Galaxy S - 30 MB,  HTC Desire - 40 MB

1. Cancel order
2. Download AirAttack HD Part 1 for free
3. Buy AirAttack HD Part 2


* AirAttack HD does not download from Android Market

1. Settings  =>  Applications  =>  Manage Applications  =>  All
Select  Download Manager
3. Clear data

* Message "Sorry, there is not enough space to install this item"

Go to Desktop or Web Browser Android market and click install. For whatever reason doing a remote install that way started the download on phone and installed it fine.

* HTC Sensation (Pyramid)

OS 2.3.4 introduced GPU issues.
The fix should go into a firmware update that is promised for October 2011


* ViewSonic G Tablet - AirAttack HD cannot be found on Android Market

Perform "2nd Market Fixdescribed here .

* For DROID x2 users

You must have the phone connected to your computers usb while downloading the Android market place apps.